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Toddle Talk Joanne

Toddle Talk with Joanne

I am Mummy to my chatterbox son, Logan and my daughter, Maisey. I started signing with Logan when he was 5 months old. The look on his face, when I first started to understand what he was communicating to me, through sign, was priceless. I’m excited for Maisey’s signing journey with Logan, Daddy and myself.


Since before I can remember, myself and my family have been involved in performing arts. I bring my dramatic enthusiasm to each class, to engage with each child and their family, to make learning fun.

As well as the experience of signing as a family, I have completed the British Sign Language Level 101 certificate and Toddle Talk Teacher Training. Currently, I'm undergoing training towards a full Level 1 certificate. This gives me a deeper understanding of the benefits, as well as a more in depth knowledge of the signs.


My classes are for all families, to learn signing with their children, in a relaxed and fun environment.


Classes are in Cleethorpes and the surrounding area. 

Please take a look on the pinned post on my Facebook page to find out when and where classes are.


Alternatively, you can message me on Facebook  
Instagram: @toddletalkjoanne
Twitter: @ToddleTalkJo
Call:     07821579761


Keep up to date with our Toddle Talk Facebook Page!


Prefer to sign together at home?  Recorded classes are also available, contact me for details.
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