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Train to be a Baby Signing Teacher.


Would you like to run your own baby signing classes?  


Perhaps you are a parent who has loved baby signing with your own child?  

Maybe you are a nursery teacher or child minder, keen to expand your skills?  


Do you want to teach signing in your community?  


Are you looking for a baby signing training course, backed with inclusive British Sign Language 1 training and certification?


Toddle Talk Training is a unique and comprehensive baby signing course / BSL backed training, inclusive of exclusive access to our teachers' membership scheme.


We are not a costly franchise costing thousands of pounds!

Rather we are a membership programme, meaning as a Toddle Talk associate teacher, you will automatically benefit from use of our lovely, tried and tested baby signing class plans; have use of a highly comprehensive learning manual; hold your own listing on this web site; and have the benefit of being able to use Toddle Talk logo and media.

Whats more - you can get your place booked on the course and start your training with an initial payment of just £50 and then pay the remainder in stage payments, making it even easier to get started!

Want to know more? 

British Sign Language


Any Toddle Talk baby signing applicant who is not already a holder of a BSL certificate, will need to learn and achieve BSL 101 taught by our Signature Certified Instructor.


This foundation study (leading to a recognised qualification) is designed to teach learners to communicate using British Sign Language (BSL) on a range of topics that involve simple, everyday language use.


The pre-course learning pack can be accessed at any time day or night to be able to fit around other commitments and includes;

  • Video classes - accessible anytime and as many times as you wish

  • Handouts - describing the signs and to keep notes

  • Webcam tutorials -  1:1 time with your tutor via Skype

  • Practice and Assessment - preferrably face to face with social distancing, or online option also available.

Toddle Talk Signing Module (18 hours)
Now available as an online learning course! 


The baby signing training sessions  which run throughout our 7 weekly Zoom tutorials and distance learning tasks (previously 3 day training course) are supported by a comprehensive Toddle Talk training manual and cover a vast range of subjects including, but not limited to:-


  • History of baby signing and Benefits of signing with baby

  • Common myths and misconceptions

  • How language is acquired and the anatomy of the child's brain year 1

  • Signing milestones and the progress of the signing child

  • Over 120 common baby signs and class plans/theme

  • Practical and theory training included

  • Sensory signing and suggested activities to support signing

  • Class management and risk assessment

'Stay Legal, Stay Safe, Build Business' (3 hours)


A handy business support module, inclusive of health and safety training, designed to help you ensure you build a safe, secure and compliant business.   Subjects covered include, but are not limited to:-


  • Registering with HMRC

  • Suggested Record keeping / Invoicing and accounts

  • Putting the customer first and managing expectations

  • Marketing - where should you be and how much should you spend?

  • Set up of basic social media business presence

  • Health and Safety and Risk Assessment


 Our training course is gaining fantastic reviews, see for yourself by visiting

'I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this course to anyone interested in becoming a baby signing teacher.'  Sam, Colchester


'If I wasn't training to become a Toddle Talk instructor, I would definitely be looking to join a class in my local area.' Vickie, Lowestoft

To apply and arrange an informal telephone chat please
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