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Meet Our Staff

Ann Lay

Founder, Owner and Baby Signing Specialist


"I love to see how children grow in confidence using baby signing - it's such a great way to bond and to help speech development too'

Toddle Talk!  Your local baby signing class centre ....

Providing parents and tots with resources to enhance communication.


Hi parents and nursery professionals.  My name is Ann Lay, mum of two, and founder of Ipswich based baby signing company, Toddle Talk.  


Baby signing is such an important parent / baby skill for me.  It really is incredible when you look at the doors of understanding it can open, by giving babies and toddlers a way to communicate before and during speech development.  They do this using a range of very simple baby signs, which are easy to learn and great fun!


Baby signing really does help your child to acquire a greater understanding of language.  People will often ask us if it will stop children talking.  This is absolutely not the case.  Remember, holding a conversation isn't just about the use of words.  It's about learning to communicate, to respond to what we see and hear (facial expressions, hand gestures and words).  We have to learn the structure of a conversation 'call and response' 'I talk, you talk' and have a whole load of social rules to get to grips with.  Plus, we need to WANT to talk - we need to feel confident in a social situation.  Phew .... is it any wonder learning to talk can be so frustrating!  Baby signing helps baby develop all of these essential skills and more! 


Baby signing helps a parent really understand the cues and signs their baby may already be giving them.   Great news for you as a parent, as this can mean less frustration (for bubs and you).   We also really believe that it can help with the parent baby bond, not only by enjoying fun times together but also because baby really feels that their needs are being heard and met more easily!  Plus, learning in the way we do, on a multi sensory level (I see, I hear, I feel, I do), the  lessons have far greater impact. Your little one is taking on board thousands of new experiences each day, and their brains are working hard to form thousands of pathways .... Baby signing helps you share these experinces and makes the experiene of learning to talk and understanding new words, an experience they remember and enjoy!


Other Services with Ann


Ann also runs Ipswich based Baby Massage company Baby Senses.  Please visit for more information.


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