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Do You Hate Mondays?

Does the thought of Mondays fill you with dread, stress and anxiety?

Perhaps you are no longer enjoying your job or the stress of balancing being a mum and work?

Or maybe you miss working but want to be a full time mum.

You are not alone!

Most new mums, no matter how much they loved their job before they had children, find the juggling act they find themselves performing each week very difficult to handle.

Trying to be the best mum you can, trusting your little darling with someone else, organising all the homework, packed lunches, clothes needed for different activities, and that's just the night before!!

We feel guilty for going to work, missing out on being with our children as much as we would like and feel guilty when we are with them, that we want a little bit of something for us, to stretch our brains, keep our own identity. Have earned a little of our own money.

Do this sound familiar?

I started my business soon after I had my first son Joshua, who's now 8. I had the monday morning feeling BEFORE I had children, so the idea of having all that stress as well as being a mum was not appealing. But I was lucky, I took redundancy and soon realised this was the perfect opportunity to start my own business, be my own boss!

I can honestly say I have never had that Monday morning feeling since. Why?

Because I love my job, it is very rewarding and therefore it never feels like work. I chose the hours and days I work, I chose how busy I am and at times I have reduced how much I do, because I need more time with the boys, other times I increase to full capacity, but even then, I work within school hours and term time only. Its like work Utopia!

I am not telling you this to rub your nose in it. But to encourage you to become your own boss, train to become a Toddle Talk Baby Signing Instructor or whatever it is you want to do.

BE BRAVE, you only live once. Is it not better to have tried and given yourself the opportunity to succeed, rather than always be wishing you had?

Would you like to learn more about being your own boss and becoming a baby signing instructor with Toddle Talk?

Fancy some work Utopia?

Watch our video clip, read through our Teacher Training page and contact me for full details about the training course and what we offer.

I look forward to hearing from you! Ann x

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