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Would You Like to Teach Baby Signing?

Becoming a baby signing teacher is such a worthwhile vocation. Baby signing classes are instrumental in our opinion, in helping babies communicate before and during speech development. Seeing how bonds between carer and child strengthen, as understanding increases, is really beautiful.

Baby signing can help reduce the frustrations a tot feels from being misunderstood, and opens a little window into what they are thinking.

It's also a HUGE amount of fun - time spent together during a signing class, enjoying songs, rhymes, stories and sensory play, is so beneficial for development.. Adult and tot interaction during these activities encourages vocal development, helps a child understand the world (as they mimic and imitate), teaches vital social and communication skills (like turn taking, co-operation and playing together) and boosts a child's confidence and self esteem. An adult can encourage a tot to be braver about what they try, to question what they are doing and to 'try another way', realising the full potential of each object, exercise or opportunity they encounter!

Being part of this dialogue as a parent/carer is amazing - Now imagine the sense of fulfilment if you can lead and teach baby signing sessions? Being a baby signing teacher is a privilege. Parents and tots allow you into their world for an hour each session, and you really do get to build fantastic relationships with your clients. The friendships formed (both peer to peer and client to teacher) mean a great deal in those early days of parenting, when so many parents can feel isolated and a little lost!

In addition, this really can be the basis for your own self-employed career, and a great way to earn income whilst your own tot is with you, in nursery or school)!

Have you experienced baby signing classes yourself and loved the benefits? Or seen signing in action? Or wish you could have attended a baby signing class but couldn't find one local to you?

Are you fun loving, non judgemental, great with people and not afraid to get down on your hands and knees and sing!

If this sounds like you, then becoming a Toddle Talk baby signing teacher could be right up your street - And what's more, if you can teach baby signing in Cambridge, Romford, Lowestoft, Norwich, Great Yarmouth, Thetford, or Peterborough then you should ask about accessing our BSL101 linked course through our bursary or partially funded spaces! These spaces are strictly subject to application and subject to a valid DBS / CRB (Toddle Talk can help you apply if you do not hold one already).

Want to know more? Email us at or leave us a PM on our Facebook page

*Teachers will need to compile their own teaching kits but Toddle Talk can help you source gradually and at low cost.

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