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The Importance of Sensory Signing

See, Hear, Touch, Taste and Smell

During pre and post birth a baby is learning using all of their 5 senses.

Babies brains are born full of neurons, brain waves, that appear more like spiders in the brain, lots of unconnected pathways.

When a baby learns, they build the pathways between the neurons, the more types of experiences they gain, the stronger the pathway becomes.

Strong pathways make it easier for a baby/child to learn more about that part of the world, now and in the future, if the experience is repeated and the pathway maintained.

So what does this all mean?

Your baby learns best by learning using as many of their senses as possible. We do not just use props in our classes because it is fun and entertaining. Although that is a great thing in itself!

We do it because by providing a wide range of sensory experiences, we help develop these strong brain pathways.

So in our classes you gain the benefits of baby signing and a sensory class all rolled into one!

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